DCAO and DPO flagging off the vaccination campaign at the District headquarters.

The Production Department launched an animal vaccination campaign at the District headquarters. 

 The Department received a consignment of a fridge,freezer, stabilizer and vaccines (40,000 doses) FMD and (10,000 doses) ISD from the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries(MAAIF) .

The District is still under quarantine so the vaccines will help to protect the animal population against diseases. 

The vaccines will be regulated by the Subcounty technical officers and supervisors for easy obtaining of the returns.

District Leadership and a Team from WFP for a site visit.

The District leadership together with a team from Water For People(WFP)an implementing partner held a supervision and site visit meeting for the ongoing construction of the projects in kayunga District.

WFP is a 3 Year project in Uganda aimed at accelerating access to improved sanitation and hygiene services using the market based approach.

WFP is constructing 7 blocks of lined VIP latrines in public institutions including :

1. Unisex latrine at lugasa HC III

2. Girls latrine at kawolokota p/s

3. Girls latrine at nkokonjeru p/s

Council session.

Kayunga District approved a 54 billion budget for FY 2024/2025.

The Budget theme is " 

Full monetisation of Uganda's economy through Commercial Agriculture, Industrialization, Expanding and broadening service

Digital transformation and market access"

The Secretary Finance Planning and Administration said no changes were made in the budget envelope, the figures remained constant.

The proposed kayunga District vanilla quality control ordinance was differed to next council.