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District Administration

Kayunga District Administration is headed by the Chief Administrative Officer Mr. Batambuza Abdu as the technical head of all civil servants in the District. 

Kayunga District has 12 departments and units.

1. Adminstration department headed by the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer , whereby  at the moment the District has no DCAO but the PAS ,Mr Kaggwa Daris is the Acting DCAO

2. Finance & Planning department headed by the Chief Finance Officer Mr. Lukande Paul Rogers

3.Education department headed by the District Education Officer, Mrs Alice Doya

4. Health department headed by the District Health Officer, Dr. Matovu Ahmed

5. Community Based Services headed by the District Community Development Officer Ms Nandawula Moureen

6. Natural Resources Department headed by the Ag. District Natural Resources Officer, Mr Musazi Patrick

7.Production Department headed by the District Production Officer, Dr. Mugabi David

8. Technical Works headed by the District Engineer, Eng. Wazimbe Jonathan

9. Council, Boards & Commissions headed by 

10.Trade and  Commercial Services headed by, the District Commercial Officer, Mr. Katerega Samuel Mukasa

11. Internal Audit headed by the Ag. District Internal Audit, 

12. District Planning Unit headed by the District Planner, Nanyanzi Hajarah