Remarks from the District chairperson

As we redesign our website, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those who have tirelessly contributed to the steady development of Kayunga District, especially the Government of Uganda (GoU), development partners, the private sector and the general public.

This website serves as a noble cause and as a benchmark of the activities that we have done & we must do to help more and more people to access information about the District

In response to the access to public information act, the District has taken steps in strategizing information dissemination as a critical and priority sector for fast achievement of the desired social economic transformation and prosperity.

Information being a useful tool for development, as it creates awareness, educates and empowers the service recipients to monitor the services being provided to them by the government.  

Due to the fact that, the world today has become a global village due to the use of the intra & extranet, this website will facilitate the dissemination of information globally.

In a bid to address the communication gap between the leaders and the community, the District has also put in place other initiatives like newsletters, brochures, holding talk shows on national & local FM radio stations & meetings all geared towards increasing the District visibility.

We welcome all comments and suggestions as they will help us to improve on the services we offer to our people.

Long live Kayunga, Long live Uganda

Mr.Muwonge Andrew

District Chairperson