Kayunga District newly elected District Chairperson Hon.Muwonge Andrew has been sworn in as the newly elected chairperson for Kayunga District during a council meeting that was held on Wednesday in the District council hall.

 Muwongo won National Unity Platform flag bearer Ms Nakwedde Harriet Kafero in  a byelection that took place last week on 16/12/2021.

The office of the District chairperson fall vacant after the passing on of the former elected chairperson Mr Ffeefeka Muhammad Sserubogo who died on 16/12/2021  and his Vice chairperson Hon. Kayiira Joel took over office he has been in for the last 6 months.

According to the Local Government Act Cap 243, when a chairperson passes on , the Electoral commission is supposed to organise by elections after 6 months.

In the same district council, the Chairperson appointed the following as his District Executive Committee members

1. Hon.Kabazzi Ruth Zalwango as the Vice chairperson

2.Hon. Kamanda Fahad as the Secretary for Education

3. Hon. Oyeyo Moses as the Secretary for Finance, Planning & Administration.

4. Hon. Nakatte Lydia as Secretary for Health and Gender

While handing over office , the outgoing Ag.District Chairperson Hon.Kayiira Joel argued the incoming Chairperson to ensure that he unites and mobilises the people of Kayunga to rally behind him and support him .

THe newly sworn in  District Chairperson, Andrew Muwonge has called for unity among the people of Kayunga saying that he cannot deliver as required without their support.