Kayunga District tables UGX 39 billion budget for the Financial Year 2020/2021

The leader of Government business Hon Musisi Charles has today 16th April 2020 tabled Kayunga District council budget for the Financial Year 2020/2021 totaling to UGX 39,662,848,000 to the district council business committee members.

According to Mr. Musisi, the District plans to receive UGX 39,662,848,000 in the FY 2020/21 of which 901,748,000 will come from locally raised sources, UGX 35,799,804,000 from Central Government Transfers, UGX 2,558,101,000 from other Government transfers and UGX 403,196,000 will come from external financing.

He has added that, a total of UGX 23,346,075,000 which is 65% of the total budget will be spent on payment of  salaries for teachers, health workers, traditional staff and political leaders, UGX 11,134,856,000 (25%) on Non-wage recurrent activities, UGX 4,778,722,000(9%) on Development activities while shs 403,196,000 (0.9%) will be spent on donor activities .


There has been a slight increase in the budget of 2020/21 when compared to that of FY-2019/20 from shs 36,345,071,000 in 2019/20 to UGX 39,662,848,000 of the coming year 2020/21, which is as a result of an increase in the funds that have been allocated under the health sector for construction of a Health center II in Kawoomya parish- Kangulumira sub county and also for improvement of health service delivery activities , a new grant has been provided to the Production sector to cater for small scale irrigation scheme and improvement in the Production extension services , under the Education sector, more funds have been added to cater for wage enhancement which was effected in October 2019, the Uganda Road Fund has been increased in a bid to increase on the number of motorable roads and also funds for pension and gratuity for Local Governments have been increased to facilitate the senior citizens.


 A lion’s share has been given to the Education as well as the health department which will are to take 20,514,393,000 and 8,654,808,000 respectively.

Administration will take 4,818,683,000 and Production and Marketing UGX 1,003,003.

The budget has been tabled in line with the circular that was issued to the Chief Administrative Officers and Town Clerks by the Permanent Secretary-Ministry of Local Government regarding covid-19, demanding them to suspend all Local Government council and committee meetings  with effect from 18th March 2020 and laying of the budget and its detailed scrutiny by the business committee members .

The circular also demanded respective Local Government Councils to convene at a later time when the situation normalizes to approve the budget in accordance with the law.


The business committee has also approved a sup­ple­men­tary bud­get No. 2 of FY -2019-20 in line with the Pub­lic Fi­nance Man­age­ment Act (2015) which de­mands that the District council approves any ad­di­tional re­sources over and above those ap­proved be­fore they can be used. Of the funds approved, shs 165,530,300 is for Covid-19 activities, shs 77,230,792 for the construction of Kiwangula-Namukuma-Namirembe road and shs 755,514,786  for payment of gratuity to retired staff .

The meeting has been presided over by the District Speaker Mr. Bulinsoni Saleh.