The Department is headed by the District Health Officer, Dr.Matovu Ahmed The District council is totally committed to the improvement of health service delivery in the district. It plans to achieve this by focusing on intervention in priority areas aimed at reducing morbidity and mortality. Emphasis is laid on the delivery of a minimum healthcare package consisting of the following elements: i. Health Promotion, Disease Prevention and Community Health Initiatives, including epidemic and disaster preparedness and response. ii. Maternal and Child Health and care across the continuum; iii. Prevention, Management and Control of Communicable Diseases. Significant achievements have been registered in malaria control through special interventions including distribution of mosquito nets and improvement in treatment of malaria related cases. iv. The government through National Medical Stores has continued to supply drugs and other medical sundries to all government health facilities. That notwithstanding, the quantity of drugs supplied are inadequate and also the type of drugs supplied are not commensurate to the needs of the health facilities Health Infrastructure development has also been given the pride of place. Government embarked on the rehabilitation, expansion and the re-equipping of all existing health facilities in the district. It has also embarked on the upgrading of health center II,s to the level of Health Center IIIs through construction of new structures such as staff houses, maternity, Inpatient wards among others. A number of projects attest to this.