The energy minister, Ruth Nankabirwa, Inspeted the 183MW Isimba hydro power plant in Kayunga district.

Hon Ruth Nankabirwa,toured Isimba hydro power plant in Kayunga District that was recently commissioned by President Yoweri Museveni in December 2019.

Before touring the dam, she first met the District leaders from the district headquarters and shared with them some of the challenges the district had encountered in relation to power supply, connection & installations made under the Rural Electrification Agency.

According to the District leaders, they reported to the Minister that some villages had not received electricity despite poles being erected in their areas and requested the minister to intervene and put REA to task to connect the erected poles.

Also that many people had applied to UMEME to connect their houses but for almost a year they have never been considered and requested her to intervene.

Pledging government support towards the people of Kayunga, she requested the District Chairperson to provide a report about the poles that had not been wired by REA.

On UMEME not connecting people who had applied, she said that the government had secured some funding and procured some meters that would be provided to people.

 “I am here on a tour, and I have come to learn. We should be set to deliver as a ministry working with all sector players and ensure we deliver reliable energy to the country. Short of that, we have failed,” she said.

She directed the responsible offices to install street lights on the bridge to Isimba dam .

She also directed the Isimba dam contractor to fix all the remaining defects on the dam that was commissioned two years ago by President Yoweri Museveni.

Nankabirwa and the officials also toured some of the residential houses constructed for Isimba staff with plans underway for more units. In her speech, Nankabirwa told UEGCL staff not to worry about the issue of mergers of government agencies and concentrate on their work.

On her tour of Isimba, Nankabirwa was in the company of state minister for energy Okasai Opolot,,  Eng. Badru Kiggundu, the chairman of the energy projects steering committee the CEO of Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL) Harrison Mutikanga and other officials from the energy ministry and UEGCL.