The District Chairperson of Kayunga, Hon. Muwonge Andrew has requested the central government to increase on the funding for maintenance of roads in the District.

He made this request during the District budget conference that took place yesterday at the District headquarters.

He said that the road network in the District was in a sorry state as a result of the inadequate funds being provided to it to work on its roads which has prompted them to use their personal savings to work on impassable section some roads.

He promised that next financial the District will focus on providing a conducive sitting environment to the learners because the District has constructed many classroom blocks but without providing desks to the learners which he said that contributes to the poor performance of pupils.

He further decried about the poor performance of the contractors the District delegates some of its responsibility to work on its investment projects. He therefore vowed to deal with the contractors who do shoddy works for the District.

The Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Batambuze Abdu said that the biggest challenge the District was facing in the education sector was that most of the schools were being owned by religious institutions to an extent that some headteachers had surrendered schools to religious institutions and only saying that they are government aided schools yet it’s the government that provided facilities like classrooms, desks, paying salaries for staff and providing capitation grant to the school.

He said that through the budget call circular, the government instructed them not to invest public funds on institutions that do not belong to the government and to title all schools on which to invest public funds.

The RDC Mr Ddumba Moses talked about the challenges to provision of security in the District such as having Quora’s boarders and having a long stretch of a murram road i.e Kayunga-Galiraya road which case a challenge to security.

He instructed the Sub County Chiefs to display all the financial releases the government provides to their entities.

The District budget for the next Financial Year is estimated to cost shs 48,895,338,379