Event Information: 

On 18h May 2021 it was a bright Tuesday for the newly elected District council members of Kayunga District and 19th May 2021 for the Lower Local Government  council members whereby the district Council members  were all sworn in   at the district headquarters grounds   which was officiated by the Ag.Chief Magistrate of Kayunga magisterial court Worship- Tusiime Sarah.  and for the Lower Local Governments at their sub county headquarters in a function presided over by the Chief Administrative Officer.

The categories sworn in included the District Chairperson Hon. Ffeeffeka Sserubogo, District directly elected councillors and representing special interest groups which included Female councillors, People with disabilities, Youth, older persons and workers representatives.

The swearing in event proceeded with the 1st council sitting presided over by the Ag. Chief Magistrate whereby they elected the district speaker Hon. Bulinson Saleh who was retained to  serve his second term in this office, Deputy Speaker Hon Babirye Nakimera, Vice chairperson Hon Kayiira Joel, members of the district executive committee who included the Secretary for Education Hon. Mugaba Ronald, Secretary for Health and Gender- Hon. Najjemba Aliyah, and Secretary for Finance, Planning & Administration Hon. Luttu Muhammad.

Councillors sworn in included;

1.      Hon Bulinson Saleh  - Female Councilor for Busaana TC

2.      Hon Babirye Nakimera -Female Youth councillor

3.      Hon.Musisi Charles Musomesa – Male Councilor for Bbaale SC

4.      Hon. Kayiira Joel- Male Councilor for Galiraya SC

5.      Hon.Kayiiza Edward - Male Councilor for Kayonza SC

6.      Hon.Kabugo Edward-  Male Councilor for Kitimbwa SC

7.      Hon.Nandaa Micheal Washaki - Male Councilor for Kitimbwa TC

8.      Hon.Okwalinga Sam- Male Councilor for Busaana SC

9.      Hon. Kamulegeya Yasin Walulya- Male Councilor for Kayunga SC

10.  Hon.Ntambi Said - Male Councilor for Kayunga Town Council

11.  Hon Kamanda Fahad - Male Councilor for Kangulumira SC

12.  Hon. Oyeyo Moses -   Male Councilor for Nazigo SC

13.  Hon. Luutu Muhammad - Male Councilor for Kangulumira TC

14.  Hon. Kiranda Awal - Male Councilor for Nazigo TC

15.  Hon Nakatte Lydia – Female Councilor for Bbaale SC

16.  Hon. Nakku Kevina - Female Councilor for Galiraya SC

17.  Hon.Zalwango Ruth Kabazzi - Female Councilor for Kayonza  SC

18.  Hon Namukose Fatuma- Female Councilor for Kitimbwa SC & TC

19.  Hon.Nakanwagi Jane - Female Councilor for Busaana  SC & TC

20.  Hon. Namatovu Hafuswah- Female Councilor for Kayunga  SC

21.  Hon.Namulondo Rehem as seninde - Female Councilor for Kayunga TC

22.  Hon. Nabukwasi Halima Bashir - Female Councilor for Kayunga SC & TC

23.  Hon. Najjemba Aliyah - Female Councilor for Nazigo  SC & TC

24.  Hon. Kayitesi Stephania – Female Councilor representing older persons

25.  Hon. Nanuuso Florence - Female Councilor representing Persons with Disabilities

26.  Hon. Namata Immaculate - Female Councilor representing workers

27.  Hon. Ntege Kizito Kugumikiriza- Male Councilor represent-Persons with Disabilities

28.  Hon.Katumba Joseph - Male Councilor representing older persons

29.  Hon. Kayemba Ivan - Male Councilor representing The Youth

30.  Hon. Mugaba Ronald - Female Councilor representing workers

While addressing the council, the district chairperson Hon. Ffeffeka Sserubogo said during his term of office 2021 – 2026, he will ensure that there is equitable service delivery in the District regardless of the political party of the beneficiaries.

He also promised to work with the technical staff to effectively implement the council resolutions.

The district council is composed of 30 councillors of which 13 are for NRM, 7 are for NUP, 1 is for FDC and 9 independent.

The outgoing Chairperson,Hon Sserwanga Tow William also officially handed ove the office to the newly elected Chairperson Hon Ffeffeka SSerubogo at the same function amidst cheers from the supporters who thanked him for setting a precedent because most of the outgoing chairpersons hand over offices to the CAO but not to their successors.


Tuesday, 18 May 2021
All Day Event