Hon Minister of state for ICT Hon Joyce Sebugwawo to Kayunga District.

The Hon Minister of state for finance and planning Mr Amos Lugolobi accompanied by area Members of Parliament Hon Patrick Nsanja and Hon Tebandeke Charles welcomed the Chief Guest Hon Minister of state for ICT Hon Joyce Sebugwawo to Kayunga District.

Hon Amos Lugolobi appreciated the massive turn up of District leaders and political leaders who attended the function.

The National launch of the Parish Development Model was officially launched in Kayunga and its upon this background that Kayunga has been the first District to officially receive funds for the Beneficiaries.

The ceremony was attended by all District leaders Headed by the LCV, RDC, CAO and technical staff.

The RDC appreciated the team for the mobilisation of Beneficiaries and promised to supervise them from village level and warned those intending to divert the funds for personal use.

Hon Patrick Nsanja advised Beneficiaries and praised the able leadership of Hon Amos Lugolobi for piloting the interests of the people of Kayunga.

Hon Tebandeke highlighted the issue of giving funds to Beneficiaries regardless of political affiliations.

The Mayor Mr Nyanzi Majid thanked management and promised to supervise in his area of leadership with regard to the Parish Development Model.

Hon Amos Lugolobi emphasised to the population to ignore the negative propaganda with regard to the iron sheets saga. He admitted to the public that it true he received the consignment of Iron sheets and put them into proper use.

The Chief Guest Hon Joyce Sebugwawo who is the Minister of state for ICT preached against segregation in the Parish Development Model project.

She further distributed some materials to the community.