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Today: Aug 21, 2017
Planning Unit

The District Planning Unit is in charge of coordinating the planning process, Monitoring of District Projects, Providing support to Lower Local Governments in development planning, coordinating the District and National assessment exercise and carrying out of feasibility studies among others. It usually works hand in hand with the Finance department in the planning and budgeting processes.

The Office is manned by the following Officers

  • The District Planner who heads the district planning unit
  • Senior Population Officer
  • Statician

Naava Fatuma  Ag District Planner

Naava Fatuma Ag District Planner


  • To coordinate planning activities in the district and lower local governments.
  • To provide technical advice to the DTC in resource allocation considering the population factors
  • To collect data, analyze and disseminate it
  • To develop monitoring and evaluation tools in the district
  • To formulate and prepare a comprehensive three year District Development Plan
  • Appraisal of priotized projects in the District
  • To ensure that development plans are population centered
  • To prepare , evaluate and implement the annual work plan
  • To monitor and evaluate projects and programs

Achievements for the FY 2013/14 -  FY 2014/15 as at September 2014

The department registered the following achievements in accordance with the planned outputs for the FY with the available resource envelope:-

  • Coordinated the National Housing & Population census 2014 & according to the summary results, Kayunga district total population is now at 359,153
  • Coordinated 12  District Technical Planning Committee meetings in 2013/14 & 3 meetings in 2014/15
  • Coordinated the preparation and submission of quarterly progressive reports for the FY 2013/14 to the MoLG, OPM and MoFPED
  • Monitored projects and programs implementation by the various departments and LLGs.
  • Prepared the Annual work plan for the FY 2014/ 15
  • Prepared the Budget Frame work paper that laid the foundation for the planning process for the FY 2014 /15
  • Coordinated SDS activities

Some of the National Population & Housing Census pictorial activities.

 Kayunga district leadership with Chinese at Isimba dam camp unnamed

District leadership in census talks with Isimba dam Chinese         The DTO, DCO supervising an enumerator

 Enumerator at work

An enumerator with a respondent in Busaana

Constraints in achieving the strategic objectives

The department was unable to achieve all its planned activities due to the following constraints:-

  • The non remittance of the forth quarter releases from the MoFPED affected the implementation of planned activities at the sub counties.
  • Non functionality of Parish Development Committees to collect data in the communities.
  • Lack of a proper mechanism to update the district data base
  • Negative attitude of the communities towards attending planning meetings
  • Limited participation of men in development activities whereas they control most of the resources that foster development like land.
  • Under staffing in the department (Lack of a district planner)

Planned outputs for the FY 2014/ 15

  • Mentor LLGs staff in the development planning
  • Coordinate the District Technical Planning Committee meetings
  • Prepare quarterly progress reports for FY 2014/15
  • Preparation of the Annual work plan for the FY 2014 / 15
  • Compile the 2014/ 15 Annual statistical Abstract
  • Prepare the Budget Frame work Paper, budget and work plans for 2015/16.
  • Collection, analysis and dissemination of data
  • Monitor projects and programmes implementation.