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Today: Apr 30, 2017
Community Based Services

This department focuses on empowering communities to harness their potential, while protecting the rights of vulnerable population groups and promotion of positive cultural values.

Its headed by District Commuinty Development Officer Ms Nandawula Moureen

 Sectors under the Community Based Services department

  1. Community Development
  2. Gender and culture

  3. Elderly and disability

  4. Probation, Youth and Children affairs

During the period under review the department was able to  achieve the following:-

Youth Livelihood Program (YLP)

Kayunga District is among the districts that are benefiting from the Youth Livelihood Program the programme under the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development. The District received UG SHS 401,000,000 and shs 384,796,000=  was distributed to 54 youth livelihood projects in the District. The District was ranked as the best performer in the central region in utilising the Youth Livelihood Project funds because it had distributed all the funds it had received to the groups and 90% of the groups had implemented projects by the time the team from the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development visited the District.  Click to view : The List of Projects that benefited from the Youth Livelihood Program 

kitimbwa ii bayoda poultry project 3 

Kitimbwa Bayoda Poultry Project     

sempola piggerry project 4 

Sempoola Piggery Project

A YLP beneficiary in Busaana  watering tomatoes in their Project  

 A YLP bebeficiary of Nekoyedde Youth Project in Busaana watering tomatoes

2014-09-30 18.32.04

The District chairperson Eng Dagada Steven(3rd from the left), Monitoring Nekoyedde Youth Project in Busaana SC

PWD-Special Grant

The District is also benefiting from this grant, 12 People with Disability groups received funds and implemented projects in line with the District road map , i.e coffee, artificial insemination ,bee keeping and fish farming.

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

In the FY 2014/15, education support was extended to 20 childrenwith disabilities, reffered and supported 2 PWDS for health services to Katalemwa under the CBR program.

Community Demand Driven (CDD)

Under the CDD,20 groups received funding and implemented projects in line with the district road map.

Functional Adult LIteracy (FAL)

20 functional Adult Literacy  classes were mobilised.

Orphans & Volunable Chidren (OVC)

Conducted 81 community outreaches from 9LLGs and reached out to 2000 orphans.  Provided legal support services to children in contact with the law,conducted home visits to 55 critically vulnerable children,conducted support supervision to community groups and LLGs to adress challenges in service delivery such as sanitation and hygiene improvement updating of the community mapped data, home visiting/ monitoring children mapped  and conducted support supervision to community groups

Constraints to service delivery in the department

Optimal performance would have been achieved during this period but the department was bogged down by;

  • Increasing cases of OVC and PWDs in need of support which cannot match the dwindling funds for various programs i.e OVC,CBR.
  • The sector is further constrained by the lack of a grant and staff for labour protection activities though a number of labour related cases are handled by this department.
  • Lack of community centres and libraries especially in this ICT era
  • The old people are not benefiting from the Central Government SAGE program for the elderly .

In Financial Year 2015/16,  a total of UG Shs 643 million has been allocated to the department to enable it to do the following;

  • Support PWD groups under special grant
  • Support community groups under CDD
  • Participate in National and International Celebrations
  • Refer and support pwds for health and education services
  • Conduct monitoring visits to community groups and projects
  • Hold meetings for disability , youth  and women council.
  • Support youth groups under YLP
  • Conduct continuous community mobilisation for fal activities
  • Hold OVC coordination committee meetings
  • Conduct community out reaches to reach out to OVC
  • Conduct home visits to OVC households
  • Conduct gender awareness programs

Implementing Partners (IPS) notable among others are:





Sun rise (Bantwana)

Entire District



 Entire District



 Entire District



Entire District



Entire District


Tender mercies